Noll Funeral Home, Inc.
333 Third Street
Beaver, PA 15009
724-728-5171 or 1-888-220-9357
Fax: 724-728-5158
Owner: Mark E. Noll
Supervisor: Michael W. Leon

Schwerha Funeral Home
600 Beaver Ave.
Midland, PA 15059
724-643-1630 or 1-888-220-9357
Fax: 724-728-5158
Owner: Mark E. Noll
Supervisor: Mark E. Noll

Welcome...In March of 1998 Noll Funeral Home, Inc., of Beaver was founded. Two years later, Schwerha-Noll Funeral Home of Midland was purchased and added as a branch location.

"Service...My grandfather, Pete Noll owned and operated a service station in Brighton Township during the 1950's. Can you imagine if he were to return today what he would think? Where my grandfather or one of his employees would once walk to the car, lift the hood, check oil, wash windows, and pump the gas, today the customer has to do all of that by themselves! Times sure have changed..."

Owner Mark Noll refuses to accept this change. He continues to operate these funeral facilities based on the logo "More Service Than You Expect". Unlike many companies today that reduce their amount of service, Noll/Schwerha Funeral Homes continue to increase theirs. We pride ourselves on meeting all needs of the families we serve. Some examples are assisting families with Social Security benefits, Veterans benefits and car title transfers. These tasks can sometimes seem overwhelming to a grieving family and it is our job to continue the assistance no matter if it is six days or six months after a funeral.

During the Christmas holiday season, memorial  trees are placed in the homes that are decorated  with tribute ornaments for each family served  during the year.

 Assistance through the funeral process is  imperative for a grieving family. At Noll/Schwerha  we want to make sure that each family receives  everything they need during this difficult time.